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If you find a background you like on my site, please check at the bottom of the page for a link to the creator. If there is no link, I have not found one and consider the background "free-for-all".
Please link, and please link on the page you use the graphic!

Graphic links -
backgrounds, icons, animation

Rose´s Backgrounds Archive
Backgrounds, bars, icons - the only page you
need to find whatever you need for your homepage -
hundreds of links to everywhere.
Rose´s Animation Archive
All the links you need for animation sites.
The Electronic Zoo
Lots of animations and other good stuff.
Tons of clipart links.

Octagamm´s Ball Boutique
Great backgrounds, balls, alphabets, buttons etc.
Bimsan´s Web Graphics
Backgrounds, sets.
Azala Design
wonderful backgrounds to choose from.
Swedish Icons
nice Swedish icons, Vikings, buttons.

Backgrounds by Marie
lovely sets, plain but very neat

Marvelicious Backgrounds
Grrreat backgrounds!!!
Twilight Border Sets
100 free border sets, very colorful.
GloriAnon´s Free Backgrounds
a really nice collection here.

Enchanted Backgrounds
lots of lovely original backgrounds to choose from.
A Touch of Country
well-made country graphics, good quality.
also very nice graphics, a bit of country, animals, mice and cats.

Towe My´s Graphics
nice friendly figures and a favourite of mine.
Morion Design
a great Swedish graphic maker, recommended!
Lilian´s Design
very very beautiful sets, don´t miss it!


These links will give you somewhere to start - eventually you´ll find your own favourites, or even make your own graphics. I can recommended Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and Gif Animator. For homepage making I started out with Netscape Editor, am now on Netscape Composer. Also toyed around a bit with Frontpage Editor. Will start with Dreamweaver shortly.

Graphic Tutorials
Adobe Photoshop Tips
Laurie McCanna - Adobe, PSP, Corel
PSP Tutorial Links
Photoshop skola (S)
Skeldale House Treasures

The Banner Generator
Cool Text

Graphics online generator at webGFX

Tubes & Brushes for PSP
Cricket Graphics
Gail´s Brushes
PSP Tubes
Cool Tips
Downloads for PSP (incl filters)

More graphic links on: Animal Graphic Register


Updated 2002-04-29