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My interest in Chilly Willy started a few years ago. I was looking for a penguin to use for a tattoo. I have been dreaming about a tattoo for 20 years. Now I finally had the guts and money to do it, and suddenly tattoos were accepted, even a fashion. And it had to be a penguin. But I wanted a cute one. I asked on the web, and got the perfect tip from Eric at Next Stop The Southpole  - Chilly Willy. He sent me some cards, and I used them to draw my own Chilly Willy. Willy is sort of sad, so I made him happy. And I am very pleased with the result!


I have something at least in common with Bill! He´s been called Chilly Willy most of his life and has this impressing tattoo!
Thanks for sharing, Bill!


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